Consumer Finance

1.Loan Acceptance - Classification and time-series analysis for loan acceptance.

2.Predict Loan Repayment - Predict whether a loan will be repaid using automated feature engineering.

3.Loan Eligibility Ranking - System to help the banks check if a customer is eligible for a given loan.

4.Mortgage Analytics - Extensive mortgage loan analytics.

5.Credit Approval - A system for credit card approval.

6.Stack Prediction models - 股票预测模型

Management and Operation

1.Credit Card - Estimate the CLV of credit card customers.

2.Survival Analysis - Perform a survival analysis of customers.

3.Next Transaction - Deep learning model to predict the transaction amount and days to next transaction.

4.Credit Card Churn - Predicting credit card customer churn.

5.Bank of England Minutes - Textual analysis over bank minutes.


1.Zillow Prediction - Zillow valuation prediction as performed on Kaggle.

2.Real Estate - Predicting real estate prices from the urban environment.

3.Used Car - Used vehicle price prediction.


1.XGBoost - Fraud Detection by tuning XGBoost hyper-parameters with Simulated Annealing

2.AML Finance Due Diligence - Search news articles to do finance AML DD.

3.Credit Card Fraud - Detecting credit card fraud.

Insurance and Risk

1.Car Damage Detective - Assessing car damage with convolution neural networks for a personal auto claims.

2.Medical Insurance Claims - Predicting medical insurance claims.

3.Claim Denial - Predicting insurance claim denial.

4.Claim Fraud - Predictive models to determine which automobile claims are fraudulent.

5.Claims Anomalies - Anomaly detection system for medical insurance claims data.


1.Bank Note Fraud Detection - Bank Note Authentication Using DNN Tensorflow Classifier and RandomForest.

2.ATM Surveillance - ATM Surveillance in banks use case.


1.Keystroke Dynamics - Biometrics on Keystroke Dynamics

2.kss - Security via keystroke biometrics

3.fingerprint biometrics - fingerprint recognition, etc.

4.Fingerprint-Classification-System - Biometric recognition system using fingerprint images for Verification and Authentication

5.DNN-Face-Recognition-Papers - awesome deep learning papers for face recognition

6.kaldi - 当下十分流行的语音识别工具包,也包括声纹识别:覆盖了主流的声纹识别算法,如I-vector 、x-vector等